cinamin (mulgoki) wrote in ppiero,

Week 10

So I didn't icon last week, and I didn't really icon this entire week either :| I've been stressing around too much irl~ and the only way I seem to calm down is playing Lord Of The Rings Online, really. And troll people on twitter! Neither have I really replied to comments the past weeks either 8( But I'm still grateful, ok ♥ Waah~~ Suddenly falling more and more into Block B and Beast as well. /not the kind of person who falls into a bunch of fandoms, really.

25 icons ▀
Infinite, Block B, B2ST, Lord of the Rings (Aragorn & Legolas), Super Junior (Donghae).

I. Comments make me very happy, ok ♥
II. Don't steal, hotlink, edit, credit as yours, etc.
III. Credit mulgoki or ppiero if taking.

Tags: / icons, actor: orlando bloom, actor: viggo mortensen, movie: lord of the rings, music: b2st, music: block b, music: infinite, music: super junior
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